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Insulation Veneer

Insulation Veneer

Through a variety of processing, such as wire drawing processing (i.e., brushed aluminum foil), and design process, forming a variety of decorative pattern, can satisfy the demands of various plate finishes.
Insulation VeneerDetailed description:

All kinds of decorative panel can choose aluminum foil cover. Such as density board, fire prevention board, particle board, combet plate and so on. This kind of plate after cover aluminum foil facing, is a metal plate, and is also called the metal panels, is a hot new modern furniture decoration materials.

The characteristics of the aluminum foil clad:

Aluminum foil cover, also known as aluminum foil clad glass wool, or aluminum foil clad glass wool board, respectively, by the single clip muscle, heat sealing clamp reinforced aluminum foil cover, folder tendons aluminum foil, hot sealing clamp steel double-sided aluminum foil cover, polypropylene reinforcement cover for the base material.Made by professional punch.The pitch of aperture neat uniform, rules and beautiful.Uniform punching, rules, cooperate the sound-absorbing material, such as glass wool has good sound-absorbing effect, does not need to make any surface coating processing, greatly reduce the construction cost of materials, solid and durable. Heat sealing type grid cotton blanket cover and water vapor barrier layer. Need not glue, good corrosion resistance, wide applicability.

The application of aluminum foil cover:

Suitable to improve quality or reduce noise, higher requirements on the durability of the music studio, computer room, hall, karaoke bars and other places, and some requirements factory workshop of acoustic noise reduction.

White cover glass wool referred to as "white cover, which is in the glass molten state law centrifugal injection process fibrosis spraying thermosetting resin made from filamentous material, through the thermal curing deep processing, multiple applications can be made with a series of products.

White foil material composition:

28 or 38 white polypropylene reinforced cover, three-way glass fiber grid, 55g kraft paper, compounded by PE.

The application of White foil cover:

Dedicated to have purlin distance not more than 1.5 meters of steel structure metal roofing heat preservation effect, or if there is a requirement for corrosion protection of steel structure workshop roof, such as ceramics factory, chemical warehouse, acid alkali strong storage sites, the above places are suitable for use, the service life of 20 years. Compared with the folder tendons aluminum foil cover, it has strong tensile resistance, excellent anticorrosive and show different characteristics.

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